Islam & Religion in General
Muhammad: A Brief Biography
Is Islam an Abrahamic Religion?
The Myth of Mecca
"Martyr" in Islam Means "Crappy Fighter".
The "Peaceful" Muslim Expansion
Is Muhammad in the Bible?
Exceeding the Challenge of the Quran
Teaching Our School Children About Islam
Intolerance of Islam
Islam: Cult or Religion?
Islamic Claims that the Bible is Corrupted
Open letter to the Christian contemplating converting to Islam
Islam's New Role in American Politics
Stop the Jizyah!
The Name of God is Not "Allah"
The Trinity: a Primer for Muslims
Why Did the Jews Want Jesus Killed?
Violence in Scripture
Why I Follow the Bible
Jesus is God
Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God
Christian Values - 10 years after 9/11
Christians and the Old Testament Law
A Godly Man is not a Slave
Genesis or Darwin?

War on Terror
Unconstitutional Wars?
20% Recidivisim "Not Bad"? WTF?
Straight Thinking About Trying the Guantanamo Prisoners
US Presence in Muslim Countries
 Reality Check in Afghanistan
 Did Anwar al-Awlaki Deserve Due Process?
 Civilian Casualties

Politics & Political Theory
Fundamental Assumptions I: The Zero-Sum Game.
Whose Economic Policies are at Fault Again?
When Checks and Balances Fail
Santorum: The Not-Mitt, Not-Newt Candidate
Is Ron Paul Still a Viable Candidate?
Presidential Nominee Romney? Not So Fast. 
Response from the TEA Party - We've Been Angry for Awhile
An Open Letter to the People Who Hate Conservatives More than they Love America.
An argument against the idea of supporting Hillary Clinton for President
Birthright Citizenship (A.K.A. Anchor Babies)
Islam's New Role in American Politics
Missing the Point about Health Care
You should be very careful when voting your conscience
The Lindsay Ann Burke Act
Connecticut High Court Assaults Foundation of US Government
Abortion Stimulates Economy? The Lunacy of the Left
Want Joseph Kony? Get Him Yourself!
The Census Race

About America
Proud to be an American
America’s Greatest Hits - Lies, Misrepresentations & Omissions

Other Musings
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