Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Open Letter to the People Who Hate Conservatives More than They Love America

So in the course of casual surfing, I stumbled upon this hate-filled rant: An open letter to the people who hate Obama more than they love America.  Well, if I have a weakness, that would be a feeling that I have to respond to this sort of stupidity whenever I find it.  This kind of thing is like a red flag waving in the face of a bull, I just can't help myself.  So in true quixotic fashion, I roll up my sleeves and wade in, point by point:

I don't know who this person is talking about. He believes it's directed at me, I'm sure he thinks so, but they’ve apparently never actually talked to anyone that they’re writing about, as much as talked past them. So let me set the record straight. . .

Yeah, I hate Obama. He will go down as the worst president in American history on the strength of his record. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin. His resume showed he was unqualified to be a city dog catcher, but the true believers made him the most powerful man in the world. The folks on my side are still scratching our heads and wondering what the country was smoking when that happened.

Don't hate gay people. Don't know where you get that idea. It's not us that say they can't breed and have kids, that would be something you need to take up with mother nature.

Don't hate black people.

Don't hate immigrants. My grandmother was an immigrant, my mother is an immigrant, my wife is an immigrant. I know probably better than you do what it takes to come to this country legally, and I get quite upset when people break the rules and jump the line, and I think those folks should go back home and apply like everyone else.

Don't hate Muslims - at least not for being Muslim. I know enough about Islam to know that it's values are exclusively incompatible with Western values. A lot of Muslims seem to hate me for my beliefs and my freedoms, and in those cases the feeling is mutual.

Yeah, I'm not too keen on Labor unions. Labor Unions killed GM - the crown jewel of American industrial might. Labor unions prevent free market trade in labor, artificially create labor shortages, add unnecessary costs to production, and practice protectionism in the face of rampant unemployment. They are a refuge of the incompetent who are afraid to compete on a level playing field for their (meager) skills and services. You complain about so many factories who have boarded up and moved overseas, yet you don't see that the labor unions are what caused it. I can and do compete quite well without labor unions, I will never work for a union company, because I know I can do better than most of my coworkers, and I want an environment that rewards me for that.

I don't hate women who feel they have a right to choose, but I wonder why your side is so dead-set against allowing that woman to see an ultrasound of her unborn baby before making that choice. Apparently her right to choose ends if she makes a choice you disagree with.

I hate your kind branding me as a racist and a bigot when I am no such thing. That's your trump card when you have nothing else to contribute to the discussion.  Your claim that conservatives are racist is nothing more than asking someone if they quit beating their wife.

I don't talk about hating gay people. That's a straw man argument, and the only time it even comes up is when you bring it up. I do talk about creating jobs, and how the government gets in the way of that.

I don't assume black people are poor or on food stamps. Apparently you miss the fact that we laud Herman Cain, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and many more. You call us racist not for our non-existent attitude towards a person's skin color, but because we speak out against an entitlement mentality that that you promote for the purpose of enslaving the very group of people you accuse us of hating!

I hate socialism because it's a demonstrably failed economic model. I do not hate social justice. I just disagree with your method of achieving it.

I join with the founders of this country in being suspicious of government, and preferring to choose my own destiny and not wanting government to take care of me. I don't like having my hard earned money taken from me by the government and given to someone who chooses not to produce anything.

I abhor war - probably more than you do - but understand that sometimes it's necessary. I know what torture is, and don't get upset when avowed enemies of the USA are frightened by barking dogs or suffer indignities.

And no, we're not consumed with hate the way you seem to be. We just don't like busybodies like you telling us how to live, what to do, how to act. Live and let live is our motto, but your side can't be content with that, you want us to live and pay for you to live.

We understand that the founders never meant that the State be devoid of the belief in God, but that the State should never enforce a State religion. This was based on the all too recent experiences of the founders in the religious civil wars of Europe, and they wanted none of that here. You bunch of atheists have twisted these words in order to remove every suggestion of God from the public discourse, which is never what the framers intended.

No one is demonizing minorities, but America is great for a reason, and that reason does not include embracing and holding valuable failed systems imported from other countries. America is great because it holds the individual's liberty and the right to private property in the highest esteem. Don't you come to me with other beliefs from countries with failed economies and try to implement those failures here.

You state, "If you hate the Government then you are unqualified to manage it." Non-sequitur. One does not follow the other. You state this as a postulate, but there is no logical connection. But then, logic isn't a strength for your side, is it?

You have your numbers and we have ours, you say BHO’s approval ratings are at 50%, I've seen polls a lot lower, in the low 30’s. He has a campaign ahead of him, and this time he has a record. Do you care to answer a few questions which might arise? Like, "Mr. President, you traveled to Pakistan in 1980 when it was illegal for American citizens to do so; what passport did you use?”  “Mr. President, how many Mexican citizens were killed by guns that came from your failed "fast and furious" program?” “Mr. President, a half a billion taxpayer dollars disappeared when Solyndra went bankrupt; where is that money, and why did you support a failing company with our money?”  “Mr. President, you said that if you couldn't fix unemployment in three years, you would be a one-term president; why are you running for a second term?”  Oh, I could ask many more questions that you’ll never hear the media ask.

No, my friend, more than 50% of the national debt was rung up under your fearless leader. Obama added more to the national debt than all the other presidents combined. We are not holding the economy hostage, we're insisting that giving the government more money is not the answer. We don’t believe playing political games with a tax cut by kicking the problem down the road two months is the answer.  We think a debt ceiling is there for a reason, and that reason doesn’t mean you just raise it when you want to spend more money.  We must force the government to live within its means, and if that means you don't get your entitlement check, too bad. Better now than wait for a full economic collapse where nobody gets paid anything, which is exactly what's going to happen if YOU don't quit spending MY money.

And don't speak to me of obstructionist filibusters. The Democrat party held up 23 legitimate judicial nominations under the Bush administration. You pay lip service to minorities and women, but when Miguel Estrada, Janice Rogers Brown, Carolyn Kuhl and Priscilla Owen are nominated, you shot them down, because your ideology trumps your lip-service to rights for women and minorities.

Obama didn't kill Bin Laden, Seal Team Six and Robert Gates did. Obama had to be dragged off the golf course for the final phase, and the whole world knows that Gates runs the defense department without consulting Obama, so if anything goes wrong, Obama can deny responsibility and throw Gates under the bus.

You call Obama tax cutting and deficit reducing. Do you live in some sort of alternate reality? That's just an outright lie!

The rest of your rant is based on fallacious straw man arguments. You would do well to actually talk with the object of your scorn and listen, instead of telling us what we think. We don't want to go to war, but when we do we want to win, and win decisively. It's your side that cuts needed funds to the troops and cries when we break the china that prevents us from doing so. I don't think the government has any business spending my money to teach you how to have sex. I want to see subsidies to oil companies and farms eliminated. I want my government officials to stop spending like drunken sailors, I don't care if they have (R) or (D) after their name. You think it's okay, as long as they spend it on "social issues." I want the TSA to be disbanded, and the patriot act repealed. I have a gun, I can protect myself, thank you.

The problem with your side is you see nothing but issues that need fixing, and you automatically assume that the government is responsible to fix it. You are a bleeding heart that wants all the ills of the world fixed, but somewhere along the line it fails to occur to you that fixing everything costs money - more money than we have, more money than we can afford. You will spend us into bankruptcy and still not fix all the problems you want addressed. Meanwhile the real power brokers are using you as useful idiots to promote an agenda that makes it easy from them to steal from the public trough, and prolong the very problems you seek to solve, because it's profitable for them. I want to turn off the spigot, let the problems solve themselves, and wean these leeches like Soros away from the public teat.

You promote the "working class" as something high and mighty, and indeed it is, but not for the reasons you state. You accept a working class of mediocrity that can only get ahead by collectively "sticking it to the man" who provides their means of subsistence. I am of the working class, but a working class of excellence who provides value to my employer, and is compensated commensurately. My labor is valuable, and I sell it to the highest bidder on a free market. If I lack value, I improve my skills through education to add value. If I think I'm being unfairly compensated, I go to someone who values my labor more and work for them. I am in demand. The fact that you need to be in a union suggests that you are not. What does that say about you? I would be ashamed if I were you, not proud. You have accepted mediocrity, embraced it and held it up as something to be proud of. You fool.

We don't hate you, or any of the things you say we hate. That hatred you accuse us of is a reflection of your own irrational feelings towards something you obviously don't understand. Your poorly aimed diatribe is an attempt for you to rationalize something you're too immature to wrap your minds around. We don't hate you, but you do kind of disgust us. We wish you would grow up and quit acting like spoiled children. We're tired of changing your diapers and catering to your senseless crying and demands that we return you to the teat and take care of you from cradle to grave.

Keep your dreaming. The only poll that matters is 11 months away. I don't think your guy has a chance. Should he by some miracle win, get back with me in four years and explain to me if America is moving to be the workers paradise that you envision, or the socialist hell that this economic model has produced every other time it's been tried.

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