Tuesday, February 16, 2010

20% Recidivisim "Not Bad"? WTF?

John Brennan states that a 20% recidivisim rate among released Guantanamo detainees "Isn't bad."  He clarifies by saying that the recidivism rates among US paroled prisoners is as high as 50%.

Excuse me, John, but you have a big disconnect here.  These aren't convicted felons, they were prisoners of war!  They were enemy combatants captured on the battlefield!  Never before in the history of armed conflict has a nation released prisoners of war without a parole agreement (Like the Muslims would even honor such and agreement), or an in-kind exchange before the cessation of hostilities.

It was not uncommon in the Napoleonic era for officers to be paroled back to their home countries, on the condition that they not engage in warfare against the paroling nation in the future.  That's not what happened in Guantanamo.

No, John, those prisoners were released back into the wild on the premise that they were not terrorists.  You and your buddies stood on your hind legs and looked us in the eye and assured us that these men were innocent, they were no threat, they were captured by mistake.  You told us, I'll repeat this, that they were not terrorists!

You lied, and now people are dying.  These non-terrorists are back on the battlefield, full of street cred with their fellow terrorists, killing and maiming American soldiers.  I demand a congressional investigation to find out who was in the chain of decision that turned these animals free, and those responsible should take their place in Guantanamo Bay prison.

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