Saturday, July 6, 2013

Economics for Occupiers Pt. 7: Communism

A resonating theme among members of the occupy movement is sympathy for the idea of communism. Living as I do in the Pacific Northwest, I have frequent occasion to encounter such people and recently was taken aback by a person outright stating that they are a die-hard communist. It baffles me how anyone could be sympathetic to such a thoroughly discredited economic system in this day and age. The only explanation I can come up with for this bizarre way of thinking is that these people were indoctrinated by liberal parents and professors and have never been exposed to the history or considered the very real implications of what they propose. Despite all the evidence to the contrary and the cost of millions of lives to this failed economic experiment, modern communists are convinced that communism will work, that previous attempts just didn't do it right. The frightening thing about these people is that they’re each convinced that they have the secret sauce that will make communism work, if they’re only allowed the chance to try.

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